Pre-Owned Refurbished Phones


Save money with a Contract-Free Phone!

Fonelab’s Pre-Owned Refurbished Phones are backed by our Worry-Free 6 Month Warranty. Plus, these contract-free and unlocked phones are eligible for your wireless carrier’s lowest cost monthly rate plans!

We carry a wide selection of refurbished phones, from entry-level smartphones to fully featured flagship models. All phones are fully inspected, tested and guaranteed by Fonelab’s manufacturer-authorized technicians. Most phones are trade-ins and are in like-new condition. The selection varies by store – if your local Fonelab store doesn’t have your model in stock, it can usually be ordered within a few business days.

One of our best-selling Factory Refurbished Samsung Phones is the Galaxy A5; at only $314.95 it’s an incredible phone for an incredible price – you can read more about it on our blog post here.

ACCESSORY BONUS: If you’re looking to outfit your new Pre-Owned Phone with a new case or screen protector, all accessories, including Otterbox and Clearplex, are $5 off for the first accessory and $10 off for the second accessory when purchased together with a Pre-Owned Phone.

Pre-Owned iPhones

Apple iPhone 5s from $199.95
Apple iPhone SE from $279.95
Apple iPhone 6 from $299.95
Apple iPhone 6s $50 OFF – SALE $349.95
Apple iPhone 6s Plus from $459.95
Apple iPhone 7  $50 OFF – SALE $419.95
Apple iPhone 7 Plus $50 OFF – SALE $519.95
Apple iPhone 8  from $699.95 
Apple iPhone 8 Plus from $799.95

Pre-Owned Samsung Phones

Ace IIx from $99.95
Galaxy S4 from $199.95
Galaxy S5 NEO from $259.95
Galaxy A5 (A520) from $314.95
Galaxy S6 from $329.95
Galaxy S7 from $399.95
Galaxy S7 Edge from $449.95 
Galaxy S8 SALE $599.95
Galaxy S8+ from $649.95 
Galaxy S9 from $799.95
Galaxy S9+ from $899.95
Galaxy Note 8 from $699.95

Popular Pre-Owned Phones

Google Pixel XL from $399.95
Huawei P10 from $349.95
LG G5  $30 OFF – SALE $299.95
LG G6  $50 OFF – SALE $379.95
BlackBerry Q10 from $99.95
BlackBerry Q20 Classic $50 OFF – SALE $179.95

Here are 3 great reasons why refurbished phones are a great option and alternative to a new phone: 1) Good quality refurbished used phones save you up to 30% off the price of a similar new model, while still providing a 6 month warranty, 2) While its hard to find a new phone for under $200, Used Phones under $200 are usually available and are always a great option for saving money, 3) Refurbished Phones all come unlocked and can be used on any wireless carrier’s network, so they’re perfect for using temporarily while you’re waiting for your next contract.


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