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Fonelab is proud to be an Authorized SAMSUNG® REPAIR PARTNER for Samsung smartphones and tablets, both in and out of warranty. Your local Fonelab store is happy to provide expert care for your Samsung.

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Samsung is the largest volume smartphone manufacturer in the world, and its latest flagship smartphones, like the S9, S10 and Note 9, are incredible feats of design and engineering.

When it comes to repairing and maintaining these phones, Samsung trusts Fonelab Tablet & Phone Repair Stores, and here’s why you should too:


Samsung’s Newest Phones use Infinity Glass Displays & Backs

Samsung’s most advanced models like the S8, S9 and Note 9 all have ‘infinity’ displays, with glass on almost every surface – front and back and curves. Besides the feeling of luxury and substance, glass offers some practical benefits like enabling wireless charging and improving wireless network signal performance. The glass that Samsung uses isn’t just ordinary glass either – these models all use Corning Gorilla Glass 5 (Corning’s 5th generation), which according to Corning:

“Gorilla Glass 5… raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever, surviving 1.6-meter, shoulder-height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. That’s up to 4X better in drop failure height than competitive glasses… And the best part is even though Gorilla Glass 5 is so much tougher, it still provides the damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity Gorilla Glass is famous for—ensuring …the ultimate combination of protection and performance for high-resolution touch-enabled devices”


FONELAB Genuine Samsung Repair Benefit: Fonelab installs only new genuine Samsung screens with Gorilla Glass 5, not aftermarket, ensuring maximum performance and durability – unmatched by the aftermarket displays and replacement glass commonly found on the market. Also, Gorilla Glass has the best touch response – see our article for some additional details about the pitfalls of buying an aftermarket replacement screen – they often lead to reduced touch sensitivity and faster battery drain, not just reduced durability (

Weather you want to repair your phone in Toronto or even as far as Waterloo, Fonelab has 8 phone repair locations to help us serve you better!


Samsung’s Newest Phones are Certified to IP68 Standards for Dust and Water Protection

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy models are designed to withstand dusty and wet environments, including even the occasional dunk in water. Specifically, these models all carry what’s called an IP rating, which stands for “Ingress Protection” and is based on testing to specific IEC 60529 standards put out by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Basically, the phones are all tested for their dust and water protection and then assigned an IP rating accordance to their performance in the testing. The number that’s assigned to the device indicates how “dust-proof” and how “waterproof” it is.


Samsung’s newest Galaxy devices have earned themselves a rating of IP68 in the IEC 60529 tests. The first number represents the dust protection rating. The “6” means that the phones are completely dustproof. Water resistance is denoted by the second number of the rating. The “8” indicates that these phones can be fully submerged in water as deep as 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. For reference, many competitive phones including the iPhone X are rated IP67, which means they have the same dust protection, but the “7” means that they can be submerged for 30 minutes at 1 meter deep. For a brief overview of the different IP ratings check out Wikipedia’s page:

Practically speaking, this means that if you accidentally drop your new S8, S9 or Note 9 in your toilet or a puddle, you shouldn’t panic. However, these phones aren’t really meant to go swimming with. For one thing, the chemicals found in a swimming pool or the saltwater of the ocean are corrosive and will hurt the finish of your phone, and even damage the protective seals that help provide the IP68 rating. In addition, IP testing is performed in a relatively stable environment and doesn’t take into account movement underwater which can increase the pressure on seals, allowing water to enter.

FONELAB Genuine Samsung Repair Benefit: Fonelab uses brand new fresh IP-68 seals and specialized equipment to precisely re-assemble the phones to their original factory specifications and maintain their IP68 dust and water resistance rating, including Samsung’s full electronic water-resistance testing.


Samsung’s Flagship Models use Force Touch (or Variable Sensitivity) Screens

Samsung’s newest flagship models, like the Galaxy S9, feature a type of force touch (similar to Apple’s 3D touch) that allows users to press the screen with different pressures to perform different functions. The newer home buttons also take advantage of this variable touch, replacing the need for a separate physical button.

FONELAB Genuine Samsung Repair Benefit: Like with the IP-68 rating, Fonelab uses specialized Samsung equipment to precisely re-assemble the phones to their original factory specifications as well as maintain their precise (and in some cases variable) touch-sensitivity, including Samsung’s proprietary force touch screen calibration.



Samsung’s Record-Setting new Super AMOLED Screen – the ‘Best Screen Ever Tested’

Samsung has been a technology leader for years in the area of smartphone screens, most recently with its innovative Super AMOLED screens.

Samsung Super AMOLED Screen

In recent comprehensive testing, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 was determined to have the most innovative and high-performance Smartphone display ever tested, breaking and establishing many new performance records. The testing was performed by DisplayMate, a global leader in display evaluation and calibration in the electronics industry, who tests and empirically rates the flagship devices from leading manufacturers. Samsung’s S9 earned DisplayMate’s Best Performing Smartphone Display Award and receiving the highest ever A+ grade for a smartphone display. The Galaxy S9’s display establishes many new performance records, including colour accuracy, brightness and outdoor performance. For more information on how the S9 sets the standard, and how smartphone screens are measured and compared, visit

FONELAB Genuine Samsung Repair Benefit: Fonelab is Samsung’s authorized repair partner, and we use only new, original genuine Samsung screens when repairing your Samsung phone. Many repair shops aren’t even aware that the screens they’re buying and using aren’t original and contain many aftermarket components and layers that will affect your phone’s performance and durability (


Samsung’s Displays often still work great – even when they’re cracked or damaged


Samsung’s newer phones all use multi-layer “composite” screens which include the Super AMOLED panel along with a variety of layers (including polarizers and the top glass digitizer) manufactured together into a single component. These composite screens are designed to be replaced if any of the layers becomes damaged. However, even if you crack the top glass digitizer layer, you can keep your Samsung in a rigid case to minimize further flexing and protect the AMOLED panel underneath (the gorilla glass digitizer would normally provide some of the rigidness that protects the more fragile AMOLED panel from splitting). If the AMOLED panel is not damaged and you can protect it, you should be able to continue using your phone since Samsung’s original displays often still work great even when the digitizer is damaged.

If you’re seeing dark or multi-colour patches on your screen, it’s likely that the AMOLED panel itself is damaged. These patches are usually crushed or damaged areas of the panel where the organic fluid inside the panel has become visible (similar to liquid crystal in an LCD panel). In this case, it’s not a problem since Samsung’s composite displays are designed to be replaced if any of the layers becomes damaged. The rest of the phone is normally not affected, and only a screen replacement is required.


Samsung’s Warranty can be Reinstated after a Genuine Authorized Repair by Fonelab

If there are no other issues with your Samsung phone, (eg. water or other internal damage), once an authorized repair is performed, your original Samsung warranty will be reinstated. This means that it will continue to the end of the original warranty period. Not all manufacturers provide this level of continued coverage and additional piece of mind! In addition, Fonelab’s 1-Year Warranty is provided on the repair and the components used in the repair. Like Samsung’s original warranty, it covers defects in the components used for the repair as well as the workmanship of the repair itself; so, it’s like having Samsung’s original warranty on the repaired component.

Many customers ask if their Samsung is guaranteed to be water resistant again after a repair. There are two aspects to this question – the first answer is yes, your Samsung Galaxy phone will be re-assembled to its original factory standards which includes the IP68 rating for dust and water protection. This level of protection will be the same as when the phone was new. It’s important to note however that there are limitations to even the IP68 rating and Samsung doesn’t cover liquid damage of any kind under their warranty, so it’s still best to be careful around water and other potential hazards.


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