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Are you still using a broken iPhone? Tired of squinting to read texts through a cracked iPhone screen? Perhaps it’s time to put an end to the hassle. iPhones, like all other models of mobile devices, experience ailments once in a while and you never have to live one more day with a broken or busted device. Quality iPhone screen repair in Toronto is just a call away.

Common iPhone repair issues you may experience

iPhone battery replacement

Broken charging port

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting your iPhone on the charger only to realize that it doesn’t work. The charger dock can get broken which prevents your device from charging effectively. Sometimes it could be that the charging cable is broken and doesn’t connect properly. If the charging connection is loose, the device won’t charge.

The iPhone needs a battery replacement

One of the signs that your iPhone’s battery has broken down is when it can’t hold charge for as long as it used to. If you have to charge the iPhone very frequently, you may want to consider having the battery replaced. The replacement battery must be a perfect fit for your iPhone and must be properly replaced by the technician to prevent issues. We offer reliable repair services, so you can get back to using your device sooner than you can imagine.

A broken power button

If your iPhone went off and you can’t turn it on, it could be an issue with the power button. Sometimes the iPhone power button gets broken and needs a quick repair. This often happens when the device is exposed to dirt or liquid overtime which makes its way into the gaskets which are found inside the power button. The repair process may involve getting rid of the items that are blocking the button or replacing it with a new one.

Camera not working properly

Your iPhone camera suddenly freezes and shows a black screen. The camera app suddenly becomes frozen. It doesn’t matter which model you own, iPhone cameras, especially the front camera, can stop functioning properly due to different reasons. It could be that the camera doesn’t load, or the pictures appear blurry no matter how hard you try to wipe the lens. It could be that the camera has a component that has failed which causes your photos to look blurry. Sometimes it’s the flash that’s not working. If you face one of the mentioned problems with your iPhone camera, you need to take it to a repair technician for investigations. You don’t have to miss out on the opportunities of taking pictures, our repair technician in Toronto will fix it for you.

iPhone microphone doesn’t work

Are you struggling to hear anything when you make a call on your iPhone? Do your friends and family complain that they can’t hear you during a phone or facetime call? It could be an issue with the iPhone microphone. A repair technician can test your microphone on the device just to ensure that it’s not an issue with your carrier. Microphones can get exposed to dirt and become quiet and foggy over time. If the issue escalates, the microphone can stop working completely. Take the device to a technician as soon as you notice any microphone issue.

A cracked or broken iPhone screen

A cracked or broken iPhone screen

Perhaps the most common issue we’ve seen as repair technicians is a cracked or shattered screen. While most people will continue to use their iPhone even when the screen is cracked, it’s never recommended since it can easily cut your fingers or leave pieces of glass in harm’s way. Getting the iPhone screen replaced is a quick and easy process. You just need to bring it to our technicians who will use high-quality screen replacements and give you a warranty to prove that we stand behind our iPhone broken glass repair service.

Your iPhone is exposed to water damage

Most people will carry their phones in bed, in the kitchen and sometimes in the bathroom. It’s so easy for your iPhone to be exposed to water damage. While there are devices designed with water-proof features, there are always circumstances where liquid exposure can result in damage. If a liquid found its way inside your iPhone and you notice that something is off with the device, bring it to our Toronto repair technicians.

iPhone home button not responding

Another common issue with older iPhones is when the home button is no longer responding. Sometimes the button can stick when you press it, causing a nuisance. In fact, when the home button is completely broken, your device can be unusable. Before you think of replacing it, bring it to our technicians to diagnose the issue.

Your iPhone is acting weird

Sometimes you can’t tell what’s wrong with your iPhone. All you know is that it’s acting unusual and doesn’t seem to work as good as it used to. Don’t stress trying to figure it out. We’ll do that for you. Our technicians have years of experience in repairing different iPhone models. We can quickly and accurately diagnose the root cause of whatever issue your iPhone is experiencing.

Why choose us for iPhone repairs?

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We’re fast: We know you need your device up and running in no time. That’s why we offer the most efficient and effective repair service in Toronto. Our technicians are always ready to handle your iPhone repair emergency and guarantee a fast turnaround time without ever sacrificing on quality.

We offer exceptional quality: From using genuine, high-grade replacement parts to paying attention to detail, we maintain meticulous work throughout the repair process.

We stand behind our work: When you bring your iPhone to our repair technicians, you never have to worry about receiving substandard work. Our technicians undergo meticulous training to deliver a great service, plus we offer a warranty so you can be confident that you’ll receive the best iPhone repair.

We will fix it: We come with a wealth of experience and passion in electronics and gadgets. If your iPhone has an issue and it can be fixed, be assured that it will get done.