Huawei Repair

Huawei is one of the world’s leading smartphone brands, selling nearly as many smartphones as Samsung, making it the second largest in the world just ahead of Apple. Huawei has traditionally been the smartphone leader in its home market of China but has experienced impressive growth in Europe and other global markets in the past few decades.

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading brands, Huawei has been manufacturing some of the most advanced smartphones for the global market and making them available in Canada. With numerous reviews and accolades from leading authorities such as TechRadar and Engadget citing Huawei’s newest phones as “stunning”, “incredible”, and even “the year’s best Android”, we’re confident that Huawei has a bright future in Canada.

When it comes to servicing their newest phones, Huawei trusts Fonelab repair stores. Fonelab is proud to be an authorized Huawei service partner, repairing Huawei phones and ensuring they’re working like new.


Huawei’s Newest Phones Feature Tempered Glass Fronts and Backs

Huawei’s most advanced models like the P20 and P20 Pro feature high definition screens, with tempered glass used in the ‘digitizer’ (the glass covering the screen itself) as well as on the back. Huawei’s flagship models feature brilliantly coloured glass backs that really make the phones stand out. Glass not only offers practical benefits like enhanced network signal performance, but it looks great too. Depending on the model of Huawei phone, Huawei uses either Corning Gorilla Glass, or Huawei’s own tempered glass.


Tempered glass is used on Huawei screens and backs and help to protect the phones from drops over 1 meter or more onto hard surfaces. Tempered glass doesn’t mean that the glass is impossible to break, or that a smaller fall won’t break it, but it does provide an additional level of strength that is 3 to 4 times more likely to survive compared to non-treated glass.

In addition to damage resistance, Huawei’s tempered glass provides outstanding optical clarity and touch sensitivity, ensuring a great combination of protection and performance.

FONELAB Genuine Huawei Repair Benefit: Fonelab installs only new genuine Huawei screens, not aftermarket, ensuring maximum fit and finish, as well as performance and durability. Also, Fonelab only installs new screens, not refurbished like can be found on the market – see our blog post for some additional details about the dangers of buying an aftermarket replacement screen for your Huawei phone – these aftermarket and refurbished screens often lead to reduced touch sensitivity and faster battery drain, not just reduced durability (


Huawei Certifies its Phones to IP Standards for Dust and Water Protection

Huawei’s latest models are designed to withstand exposure to dusty and damp or even wet environments. Some models, like the P20 Pro and even withstand the occasional dunk in water. Most Huawei models carry an IP rating, which stands for “Ingress Protection” and is based on testing to specific IEC 60529 standards published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Phones with IP ratings are tested for dust and water protection and assigned a rating according to their performance in the tests. The number that’s assigned to a device indicates how “dust-proof” and “waterproof” it is. Wikipedia has a good overview of the various IP ratings:

Huawei’s P20 for instance achieves a rating of IP53 in the IEC 60529 tests. The first number represents the dust protection rating. The “5” means that the phone is not completely dustproof (6 is the highest number possible), but it will withstand most dusty environments enough to not affect its performance. The second number of the rating represents the water or moisture protection. The “3” indicates that the P20 can withstand some amount of lightly spraying water, such as from rain.

Huawei’s flagship P20 Pro has earned itself a rating of IP67 in the IEC 60529 tests. In this case, “6” means that the phone is completely dustproof. The second number of the rating “7” indicates that the P20 Pro can be fully submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for as long as 30 minutes.


Practically speaking, this means that if you accidentally drop your new P20 Pro in a puddle or even a toilet, you won’t need to panic. Even a phone with an IP67 rating doesn’t mean it’s suitable for going swimming with however. This is because the chemicals found in a swimming pool or even the saltwater of the ocean are corrosive enough to potentially hurt the finish of the phone, and even damage the protective seals that help provide the IP rating. Also, IP testing is performed in a stable environment and doesn’t factor movement underwater which increases the pressure on seals, potentially allowing water to enter.

FONELAB Genuine Huawei Repair Benefit: Fonelab uses brand new genuine seals from Huawei as well as specialized equipment to precisely re-assemble the devices to their original factory specifications, including their dust and water resistance rating.


Huawei’s Flagship Models Feature Leica Cameras

Both the P20 and the P20 Pro feature some of the industry’s best cameras. The P20 has two main 12 megapixel Leica cameras which make for one of the best photo capabilities in its class. The P20 Pro features three rear cameras, including a 40 megapixel main sensor. Most reviews point to the P20 Pro as having the best camera system in any smartphone, ever. In both cases, Huawei’s phone camera strategy is to offer the best camera system and photo capability in their class.

FONELAB Genuine Huawei Repair Benefit: Fonelab uses only genuine Huawei components, including Leica cameras. Whether your Huawei is experiencing an issue that’s covered under Huawei’s warranty, or you’ve had an accident and damaged your Huawei, Fonelab has the right components and tools to ensure that your Huawei’s camera system is working like new again.



Huawei’s Multi-Layer Composite Screens often still Work Great even when they’re Damaged

Huawei’s newer phones use “composite” screens which consist of multiple layers, including either the LCD or OLED panel (depending on the model), along with a variety of layers including polarizers and the top glass digitizer all manufactured together into a single screen. If any of the layers becomes cracked or damaged, these composite screens are designed to be fully replaced. If you crack just the top glass digitizer layer you can keep your Huawei in a rigid case to minimize further flexing and protect the LCD or OLED panel underneath (the tempered glass digitizer would normally provide some of the rigidness that protects the more fragile LCD or OLED panel from splitting). If the LCD or OLED panel is not damaged and you can protect it, you should be able to continue using your phone since Huawei’s original displays often still work well even when the digitizer is damaged.

If you can see dark or deep-colour patches on your screen, it’s likely that the LCD or OLED panel itself is damaged. These patches indicate crushed or damaged areas of the panel where the liquid crystal or organic fluid inside the panel has become visible. In this case, it’s not an issue since Huawei’s composite displays are self-contained and designed to be replaced if any of the layers becomes damaged. The rest of the components of the phone are typically not affected, and only a screen replacement is needed.


Huawei’s Warranty continues after an Authorized Repair by Fonelab using Genuine Parts

If there are no other issues with your Huawei phone, (eg. water or other internal damage), once an authorized repair is performed, your original Huawei warranty will be re-instated. The manufacturer’s warranty will continue to the end of the original warranty period. Not all manufacturers provide this continued coverage and additional piece of mind! In addition, Fonelab’s famous Lifetime Warranty is provided on the repair itself and the components used in the repair. Like Huawei’s original warranty, Fonelab’s warranty covers defects in the components used for the repair as well as the workmanship of the repair itself; so, it’s similar to having Huawei’s original warranty on the repaired component, but for as long as you own your phone. 

Many customers ask if their Huawei will maintain its IP rating after a repair. There are two aspects to this question – the first answer is yes, your Huawei phone will be re-assembled to its original factory standards which includes the IP rating for dust and water protection. This level of protection will be the same as when the phone was new. It’s important to note however that there are limitations to even the IP67 rating and Huawei doesn’t cover liquid damage of any kind under their warranty, so it’s still best to be careful around water and other potential hazards.

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