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Enjoy FONELAB’s famous Fast & Affordable™ Phone Repair Service, even if you can’t visit one of our stores.

FONELAB® is pleased to offer our Fast & Affordable™ Manufacturer-Authorized Mail-In Phone Repair across Canada – send us your phone or tablet and we’ll professionally repair it and send it back to you right away!

We’ve repaired phones from coast-to-coast in Canada, and even from our friends in the United States too! We know it’s not always easy or convenient to have your phone repaired, so we work hard to make it easy for you to just drop your phone in the mail or courier and have us look after the rest. For most common brands and models, our Authorized Mail-in Repair Centre will repair your phone and ship it back out to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

Our repair prices are the same low prices that you’ll find on our website and in our stores; the only additional cost is shipping to and from our Authorized Mail-in Repair Centre . You can ship your phone to us using your preferred method, and we will ship it back to you using Purolator® Express (or you can request a specific national courier company). Our return shipping costs to most major centres in Ontario is $19.95. If you are in a remote area, or outside of Ontario it’s not a problem, we’ve shipped to some of the most remote parts of Canada and even south of the border and can quickly quote a specific shipping price for your exact location.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. Find your Repair Price on our website. Our website is maintained with the most current pricing. We like to be transparent and offer the best prices for genuine quality repairs – and our pricing is almost always posted. If for some reason our pricing isn’t posted for your particular repair, you can contact us through our “Contact” page ( and we will get back to you with a price.
STEP 2. Fill-in and Submit the Mail-In Repair Request Form (below). Once we receive this, we will respond with a confirmation of the repair details, including price and parts availability (if applicable). We’ll also confirm the return shipping price and answer any additional questions you may have. 
STEP 3. If you are satisfied with the confirmation, proceed to ship your device! We recommend wrapping your device in bubble-wrap and packing it in a cardboard box for shipping. Most courier companies (including Canada Post) offer packaging options where you drop off your phone. Then, ship your phone to our Mail-In Repair Centre: FONELAB® Fairview Mail-In Phone Repair Centre 1800 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto, Ontario M2J 5A7.

That’s all there is to it! If you’re ready to begin…

FONELAB® Mail-In Repair Request Form

Screen Lock is Turned OffPlease Have Technician Call Me



MINIMUM REPAIR. For Mail-in Repairs only, a minimum repair fee of $39.95 includes basic diagnostics which identifies the most likely repair issue, along with the price, and is waived if any repair of greater value is performed. Diagnostics typically includes troubleshooting, physical inspection and testing of your device (including manufacturers testing tools if available).
CONFIRMED ISSUES. If issues are found during testing or repair that aren’t indicated on the Mail-in Repair Request Form, we will contact you before proceeding (using the contact details you have provided). FONELAB® is not responsible or liable for any pre-existing issues or issues found during testing or repair. If full testing cannot be performed due to the physical condition of the device, or if the device cannot be powered on,FONELAB® does not assume responsibility or liability for any issues that occur or are found.
PERSONAL DATA. While FONELAB® makes every effort to protect and maintain your personal data, personal data protection is ultimately your responsibility. Because data loss can happen during a repair (some repairs require software to be reset and data loss is unavoidable), and FONELAB® technicians may inadvertently be exposed to personal data during the normal course of a repair, you are advised to back-up your personal data at home and/or remove any confidential or sensitive data from the device prior to repair. In many cases we realize this isn’t possible with a damaged phone, which is why we take every precaution to minimize the risk of data loss during a repair. In-store backup or transfer services are available for a fee.
SCREEN LOCK CODE AND DEVICE ACCESS. FONELAB® requires all devices to be fully tested prior to beginning any repair, as well as at the completion of the repair. In both cases, FONELAB® requires access to the full functionality of the device, including but not limited to speakers, microphones, buttons, cameras, transceivers, screen, power components, etc. During testing FONELAB® employees may inadvertently be exposed to personal data (e.g. testing camera functionality), therefore you are advised to back-up your personal data and/or remove any confidential or sensitive data from the device prior to repair. If access to the device is restricted by a screen lock code, you may (i) change or turn off the lock code, or (ii) request that our technician contact you when the lock code is required. If you do not wish to back-up your personal data and/or remove any confidential or sensitive data from your device, and also do not wish to provide, change or turn off the lock code, or physically unlock their device for testing, the FONELAB® technician will test the functions that are accessible however FONELAB’S® warranty will be limited to the individual component that is replaced by FONELAB®, and not any other functionality of the device whether pre-existing or otherwise.
BROKEN SCREEN LIMITATIONS. The process of removing a broken screen from a device may result in further damage to the screen. FONELAB® is not responsible or liable for the condition or functionality of the removed screen, regardless of the condition or functionality prior to repair. In some cases it may not be possible to reinstall the broken screen (e.g. if other/subsequent issues are found for which repair authorization is not provided).
MANUFACTURER’S CLAIMS. Some manufacturers provide a water resistance rating on their devices, however most manufacturers do not cover liquid damage of any kind under their warranty. While FONELAB® is an authorized repair partner for certain manufacturers, and FONELAB® repairs their devices using manufacturer-specified parts, tools and processes, including water-resistant and water-proof seals and components, FONELAB® does not guarantee water resistance after a repair has been performed. Please refer to your manufacturer’s warranty terms for more information about this topic.
WARRANTY. FONELAB’S® warranty covers defects in components and workmanship. Accidental damage such as drops or liquid damage are not covered by the warranty. Accidental damage such as drops or liquid damage are not covered by warranty. Certain repairs carry their own unique warranty terms including battery replacement, software recovery and liquid damage recovery. FONELAB® warranties are non-transferrable. For additional information please check our website.

FONELAB® Mail-In Phone Repair Services in Canada are also Authorized Samsung Mail-in Repair and Authorized Huawei Mail-in Repair, where we provide the fastest, most affordable mail-in repair services for Samsung and Huawei phones in Canada.

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