How Long Should My Battery Last? Battery Replacement Tips

When is the right time for a battery replacement? The lithium ion battery in your phone should operate for around 600-700 ‘cycles’ before you begin to notice a decrease in its capacity (the maximum amount of usage between charges). Around this time, your battery may only be able to hold 70-80% of its original capacity – so even with a full charge, your battery will hold less power than when it was new.

What is a battery cycle? A battery cycle is considered ‘full-charge-to-full-discharge’ – so partial charges count only as partial cycles. Fonelab’s free Battery Health Check lets you know how many cycles your battery has used, as well as its remaining capacity.

We see most battery replacements in a phone’s second year (since many users run through a full cycle or more every day). The battery performance beyond this point varies quite a lot, so sometimes you can get a lot more useful life, but the battery may require lots of charging to maintain.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your battery:

So you can think of your battery’s ideal operating range as being 20% to 100%. Charging overnight is ok, but it’s not ideal. The charger stops when the battery reaches 100%, but the battery naturally loses a little charge and the charger kicks in again for a short while, then shuts off again, and so on all through the night. Most people have to charge their battery overnight for convenience, and it’s not that big of a deal, just try to keep it within its ideal operating range during the day (20% to 100%). 

All that said – for most of us convenience is the most important thing in our busy lives – so just charge your battery when you are able to and don’t worry too much about it – a battery replacement at Fonelab usually takes less than an hour. We stock a wide assortment of batteries and in most cases battery replacement can be performed on the spot right in our store lab, with no appointment required. 

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