Google Pixel 2 XL Repair

Google Pixel 2 XL Repair

Fonelab is one of the largest repair brands in Canada. With the best original specification replacement components for your Google phone, and our famous Lifetime Warranty, you’ll love your Pixel 2 XL again!

Screen Repair

  • If your Pixel 2 XL screen is cracked, blank, non-responsive, showing lines or dark spots, lifting in the corners, or has colour problems…

  • Google Pixel 2 XL Screen Replacement Service $279.95
  • Includes: new screen, new high-performance acrylic seals, and Fonelab’s exclusive multi-point Performance Checklist
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Appointment Necessary

Software Services/Unlocking

  • Most software issues can be resolved in our store lab, including locked phones, outdated software, and start-up issues.

    It’s a good idea to back up your phone prior to any software services, since personal data (including contacts, photos, etc.) will be over-written by the latest software for your phone. 

  •  Software Services (including Google unlock) $59.95
     Carrier Unlocking
    (check with your carrier first – it may be available for free)
  • 1-2 Hours
  • No Appointment Necessary

Personal Data Backup/Transfer

  • Whether you’re getting ready for a new phone, getting rid of an old phone, or just getting ready for a repair, we want to help you keep and protect your personal data.

    If a service requires your data to be over-written, we will advise you and provide backup options, including free at home solutions.

  • Personal Data Backup/Transfer (up to 16GB) $19.95
    Personal Data Backup/Transfer (over 16GB)  $39.95
    Temporary Screen Installation (if required and in stock) from $49.95
  • No Appointment Necessary

Liquid Damage Recovery

  • If your phone has gotten wet, Fonelab’s Liquid Damage Recovery can help; we have an 80-90% successful recovery rate (if we recommend the service but are unsuccessful, we don’t charge for it).

    Did the accident just happen? Check our Blog for free first steps for recovery. Once exposed to liquid, the internal components of your phone begin to corrode quickly. The level of corrosion depends on the type of liquid and length of exposure – for instance pool water has salt or chlorine which accelerates corrosion faster than rain or tap water. Once corrosion starts, it will continue until the corroded areas are treated.

    Fonelab’s recovery service involves disassembly of the phone and its components to remove the trapped moisture (an ultra-sonic treatment is used for the elimination of remaining liquid) and correction of any circuit damage that is accessible.

  • Liquid Damage Recovery Service – Phone or Data (iPhone) $99.95
    Liquid Damage Recovery Service – Phone or Data (non-iPhone) $99.95
    Liquid Damage Recovery Service w/Other Components $59.95 
    Unsuccessful free 
  • 12-24 Hours
  • No Appointment Necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you replace just the glass layer of the screen?

    In most cases no, the majority of today’s devices have a multi-layer (or ‘composite’) screen, which includes the AMOLED or LCD panel as well as a variety of layers (including the top glass digitizer) manufactured together into a single component. 

    Technically, it is possible to replace just the glass digitizer on a composite screen, however we don’t offer this option since it significantly affects the performance and longevity of your device. If your device comes from the factory with a separate glass digitizer (like some iPad models and a few entry-level phones), it is possible to replace separately without replacing the LCD.

    For more information on the pitfalls of glass-only repairs (or re-glassed screens), we have included a summary of our research as well as customers’ experiences in our Blog section.

  • How do I know if my battery needs replacing?

    The lithium ion battery in your device should operate for around 500-600 ‘cycles’ before you begin to notice a decrease in its capacity (the maximum amount of usage between charges). Around this time, your battery may only be able to hold 70-80% of its original capacity – so even with a full charge, your battery will hold less power than when it was new.

    What is a battery cycle? A battery cycle is considered ‘full-charge-to-full-discharge’ – so partial charges count only as partial cycles (it doesn’t hurt lithium ion batteries to partially charge them).

    For this reason, we see most battery replacements in the device’s second year (since many users run through a full cycle or more every day).

    Fonelab’s free Battery Health Check lets you know how many cycles your battery has used, as well as its remaining capacity. We stock a wide assortment of batteries and can replace them right in our store lab.

  • What is Fonelab’s Lifetime Warranty?

    Fonelab’s Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturer-related defects on components installed by Fonelab as well as the workmanship associated with the repair; it’s similar to having your original manufacturer’s warranty on the repaired components for as long as you own your device.

    The Lifetime Warranty does not cover supplemental damage (which can be defined as any damage unrelated to the repair, including, but not limited to accidental or physical damage or liquid damage to the device). For this reason exclusions include, but aren’t limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, batteries, liquid damage recovery and any third-party send-away repairs (separate warranties are offered by the various manufacturers; for instance, Samsung’s central service centre provides a 90-day warranty). Liquid damage and subsequent physical damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty.

    Fonelab’s Lifetime Warranty is exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the repair, and is non-transferable.

  • What is Fonelab’s Free Diagnostic?

    A Fonelab technician will identify the most likely root cause of your device issue, including hardware or software testing as well as external physical inspection. 

    If the issue can be resolved with a repair, a quote will be provided (there’s no obligation to proceed with the repair). Sometimes the identified issue can be resolved without requiring a repair.

    Opening of the device and/or internal inspection is available for a minimal fee depending on the device model.

  • Do I need to backup my personal data before a repair?

    We recommend that you back up your personal data (contacts, photos, etc.) at home prior to any repair or service.

    Most physical repairs (screen replacement, charging port repair, etc.) don’t affect your device’s software, however there is always a risk of data being affected when a device is opened.

    Manufacturer warranty repairs and Fonelab’s Software Services require modification of your device’s software and will over-write/erase your personal data.

    Data backup and transfer services are available in-store for a fee (repair times will be extended depending on the amount of data on your device).

    For free at-home back-up options, please visit our Blog.

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Amazing service. Payam was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend. They even once fixed my charging port (cleaned with alcohol) without charging anything and it worked..
Sridhar Sathyanarayanan
Sridhar Sathyanarayanan
14:29 15 Apr 18
Today my husband got his phone repaired in few seconds :) It was very professional and fast! Amazing stuff and service! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Tania Yanitska
Tania Yanitska
00:59 04 Apr 18
Piyam was amazing!!! The staff there is very helpful. I had a SIM card stuck in the slot that was pretty jammed but Piyam was able to successfully retrieve it without damaging the SIM card or the motherboard/pins on the phone. This place is a life saver and I highly recommend them.
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh
11:59 23 Mar 18
What a service! I've got iPhone 5s which is rather old model and did not know if battery needs a replacement. Payam connected the phone to some diagnostics software. He gave me a printed report with a smile confirming that the battery is still good and added: No charge!
Branislav B.
Branislav B.
20:01 05 Mar 18
I came in. They did some trouble shooting and provided me with some great options. I think that they provide a great service. For those who do not want to keep buying new phones replace their broken phones, I would highly suggest this place
Frank Mazeda
Frank Mazeda
00:26 07 Feb 18
I live over an hour away. They ordered the screen assembly for me and it arrived quickly. When I drove down to have it replaced they ended up fixing it quicker than they had first told me. I'm impressed and would recommend using their services.
Michael Belsey
Michael Belsey
17:00 16 Jan 18
Leonardo is an amazing employee. Has always treated my father and I nicely. He goes over and beyond for the customers. Great customer service from his end. Amazing place to get your phone fixed! Thanks Leonardo!
Natalie Machin
Natalie Machin
22:34 26 Dec 17
I am writing this review because the serice I received was refreshing. It was very professional , fast and friendly. Payam very very helpful and friendly. I am not a tech person but after dealing with Payam I feel better equipped to handle my phone. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT HELP.
Noreen Perry
Noreen Perry
20:03 08 Nov 17
I came in thinkin that my phone battery has weakened & need replacement. they did battery test & turns out my battery is still healthy. he recommended me to check my apps & factory reset first rather than encouraging me to replace. I like the honesty where most store will not tell me otherwise. will def come back when my battery actually died
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong
18:01 06 Nov 17
I brought a suddenly dead phone with hundreds of precious family videos and photos and Kareem was amazing...managed to retrieve all of them! I am so grateful! Totally recommend these guys.
Shannon Moschenross
Shannon Moschenross
18:04 17 Oct 17
Leo and Karim were very helpful in restoring my phone. There was no charge but their professionalism was very impressive. Would definitely come back and would recommend to others too.
Amir Butt
Amir Butt
21:06 18 Sep 17
Been here 3 times for my Galaxy S7 Edge and they always had time to take the phone in and had the phone ready in the time they said it would be. I also emailed them a few times with questions and I always received an in depth reply with all my questions answered in a day. Great service! I recommend this place for all phone service needs.
Anthony Ng
Anthony Ng
23:33 04 Sep 17

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