How can I tell which iPad model I have?

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All iPads have the model number printed on the back. If you look on the back of your iPad you’ll see some printing below the word “iPad”.  At the end of the top row, you’ll find the world “Model,” followed by an “A” and a four-digit string of numbers. Using the table below you can determine which model your iPad is:

iPad Models   
iPad (5th Gen)                         A1822, A1823
iPad (4th Gen)                         A1458, A1459, A1460
iPad (3rd Gen)                         A1416, A1430, A1403
iPad (2nd Gen)                        A1395, A1396, A1397
iPad (1st Gen)                          A1219, A1337

iPad Air Models         
iPad Air (2nd Gen)                  A1566, A1567
iPad Air (1st Gen)                    A1474, A1475, A1476

iPad Pro Models        
iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen)         A1670, A1671
iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen)           A1584, A1652
iPad Pro 10.5                            A1701, A1709
iPad Pro 9.7                              A1673, A1674

iPad Mini Models      
iPad Mini (4th Gen)                A1538, A1550
iPad Mini (3rd Gen)                A1599, A1600
iPad Mini (2nd Gen)               A1489, A1490, A1491
iPad Mini (1st Gen)                 A1432, A1454, A1455

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