How Does Brightstar Device protection work? Here’s everything you need to know!

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Fonelab is excited to announce its partnership with Brightstar, provider of Device Protection programs for Rogers and Fido customers in Canada.

Device Protection is a great way to protect your investment, and now it’s even more convenient! In the past, when an accident happened that was covered by an extended warranty or insurance program, your only option was to wait for a replacement to be shipped to you. Now, Rogers and Fido customers with Brightstar Device Protection have the option of visiting their local Fonelab store to have their phone repaired on-the-spot in most cases!

Brightstar On-the-Spot Device Repair is a great option that saves not only time but money too. If you’re a Rogers customer or a Fido customer who subscribes to Brightstar Device Protection, and an accident happens that’s covered by the plan, you’ve got options!

Here’s how it works:

1. Contact Brightstar to start the Claim process

You don’t need to visit a Rogers or Fido store, you can connect directly to Brightstar’s dedicated claim support centre from the comfort and convenience of your home or work! Brightstar’s agents deal with repairs on a full-time basis and can walk you through the process and explain any options.


Brightstar’s Toll-Free Number for Fido Customers Brightstar’s Claim Web Page for Fido Customers Fido’s Webpage for Device Protection


Brightstar’s Toll-Free Number for Rogers Customers Brightstar’s Claim Web Page for Rogers Customers Roger’s Webpage for Device Protection


2. Brightstar will work with you to find the best option

Depending on the type and extent of the damage to your phone, Brightstar may determine that the best option is to replace it. If this is the case, you will be required to pay a Replacement Processing Fee directly to Brightstar, and they will arrange to have a replacement phone shipped to you. For more information on this option you can visit your carrier’s or Brightstar’s website.

Fortunately, in most cases your phone can likely be repaired. If this is the case, your Brightstar agent can provide you with a couple of options:

Depending on the type of damage and situation, you may be required to pay a Repair Processing Fee (sometimes referred to as a deductible) directly to Brightstar.

First Screen Repair at no Extra Cost: Some plans are eligible for a “First screen repair at no extra cost”. This means that the first time your phone experiences a broken screen, you won’t need to pay the Repair Processing Fee. This is a great added value since the screen is typically the most expensive part of the phone to repair. In some cases, if there is additional damage beyond just the screen, your repair may not be eligible for this benefit and you may be required to pay the Repair Processing Fee. The good news is that even if you aren’t able to use this benefit on your first screen repair, you don’t lose the benefit of a future free screen repair; Brightstar will save that benefit for your next broken screen. 

3. If your phone is repairable (great news!), and you choose the Walk-In option, Brightstar will provide you with a Repair Claim Number, and direct you to the nearest Walk-In Repair Partner

Brightstar will use your location to determine which Walk-In Repair Partner is closest to you. You may also ask for a particular location. If you happen to be near a Fonelab store, or if there is one that is convenient for you at some point during your day, you may request that location. Fonelab stores are all located inside major retail centres, so you will have access to full amenities while your phone is being repaired, including great food and drink options. 

Fonelab Store Store Address Store Postal Code
FONELAB | Upper Canada Mall NEWMARKET 17600 Yonge Street L3Y 4Z1
FONELAB | Masonville Place LONDON 1680 Richmond Street N. N6G 3Y9
FONELAB | Fairview Park Mall KITCHENER 2960 Kingsway Drive N2C 1X1
FONELAB | Scarborough Town Centre SCARBOROUGH 300 Borough Drive M1P 4P5
FONELAB | Lime Ridge Mall HAMILTON 999 Upper Wentworth Street L9A 4X5
FONELAB | Oshawa Centre OSHAWA 419 King Street W. L1J 2K5
FONELAB | Conestoga Mall  WATERLOO 550 King Street N. N2L 5W6


4. How to prepare for a repair

There are a few things to consider before visiting the repair store.

Personal data protection: Most repairs don’t require a software update, so your personal data (photos, videos, contacts, etc.) won’t necessarily be affected. There’s still a chance that data loss can occur during a repair however, so we always recommend performing a backup (if possible) prior to visiting the store. In addition, Fonelab technicians may be inadvertently exposed to personal data during the normal course of a repair (e.g. during the manufacturer’s full functionality tests). For these reasons, in addition to backing up your personal data in advance, you may wish to remove any confidential or sensitive data from your phone prior to repair. Data backup and/or transfer services are available in the store, however they can add a significant amount of time to the repair. Some really good free options are available on your Mac or PC which can be performed at home or work, and provide the added benefit of future backup protection (see some of our Blog Articles that cover this topic).

Screen lock code and device access: As mentioned above, phones are fully tested prior to beginning any repair, as well as at the completion of the repair. In both cases, the technician requires access to the full functionality of your phone, including but not limited to speakers, microphones, buttons, cameras, transceivers, screen, power components, etc. If access to the phone is restricted by a screen lock code, you have a few options: (i) you may be present for both tests to personally unlock the device for the technician, or (ii) you may provide the lock code to the technician, or (iii) you can temporarily change or turn off the lock code.

Repair time consideration: When deciding when to visit a Walk-In Repair Partner, it’s helpful to know how long your repair will take. The repair times vary based on the repair type and model of phone, and are provided below in Step 5. You should allow for a bit of extra time for checking in your phone and for the full up-front testing. Most Walk-In Repair Partners are located in retail environments and tend to operate on a ‘next-available-technician’ basis. This means that while there are always technicians in the store lab, during peak periods (such as evenings and Saturdays) there may be a device being repaired ahead of yours. The repair times cover most common repairs, however they don’t include scenarios where additional issues are found that may require additional approval from Brightstar (in many cases this approval can occur relatively quickly, but will still extend the repair time). The repair times also don’t include scenarios where a particular component may need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

5. Visiting a Fonelab store

Once you visit your local Fonelab, you can present the technician with the Repair Claim Number that was provided to you by Brightstar. Don’t worry if you lose your Claim Number; your claim will already be in Fonelab’s repair system, so our technician can look it up.

The Fonelab technician will then verify your claim information and provide an inspection (sometimes referred to as a ‘triage’) to ensure that everything on the claim matches the phone and the required repairs. If the details of the claim match the phone and its required repairs, the technician can proceed with the repair. You will be asked to provide an email address so that we may email you when your repair is completed.

Repair time: The length of time for a repair depends on the type of repair and the model of phone. Most repairs for common models can be performed in the store within a few hours. Certain types of repairs or models may require additional time, or even the special ordering of a component. Here are some common repair times:

SAMSUNG (current models) – Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours of technician time, on a “next-available-technician” basis
APPLE (current models) – Approximately 1.5 hours of technician time, on a “next-available-technician” basis
LG (current models) – Approximately 1.5 to 2.0 hours of technician time, on a “next-available-technician” basis
HUAWEI (current models) – Approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours of technician time, on a “next-available-technician” basis
OTHER BRANDS (current models) – Approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours of technician time, on a “next-available-technician” basis

As mentioned above, it’s best to allow for some extra time in case additional issues are found during repair, or during peak periods.

Special order components required: From time to time the store lab may need to order a component for a repair. In these cases, new components typically arrive within a few business days. You may keep your phone and continue to use it during this time if it is usable. 

Additional repairs are identified during inspection (triage): If the technician finds that there are additional issues with your phone, besides what is indicated on your claim, additional approval will be required from Brightstar before any repairs can be performed. This can often happen very quickly; Fonelab’s repair system is connected directly to Brightstar who will be notified immediately. In many cases, the additional approval will be received within minutes. In some cases, depending on the issue, Brightstar may not be able approve the overall repair. In these cases, you may be requested to contact Brightstar’s claim support centre who can provide additional options.

Additional repairs are discovered during repair: The Fonelab technician will provide the best possible inspection (triage) of your phone before proceeding with the repair, however it sometimes isn’t possible to determine the full extent of damage until your phone is opened during the repair process. In many cases, any additional issues discovered at this point can be repaired. Brightstar will be required to approve any additional repairs, and you may be requested to contact them, which may extend the repair time. In a few cases, additional internal repairs may prevent the claim from being approved, and Brightstar will provide alternative options such as a replacement option. One example of this is liquid damage; Brightstar does not approve repair options for devices that have signs of liquid damage. In the case of liquid damage, Brightstar will work with you to process a replacement option. 

6. Repair completion and picking up your phone

Once the all the necessary repairs are completed in the store lab, you will be notified by email (at the email address provided by you at the start of the repair). 

Your repaired phone will be fully tested and ready to go!


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